Great thanks for musicians and deejays from Kiev and Zhitomir.

“Yesterday we transferred money to Bogdanchyk mother’s bank cart and to Rodovid-Bank t Account for Nikyta. It was money from charity concert in Zhitomir.
Photo of checks:

We hope to arrange several actions once more with aim to help these children.
With love and best wishes — musicians and deejays from Kiev and Zhitomir!”

On behalf of volunteers and parents, great thanks to our friends!!!

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Official account of Kryla Nadii Foundation

On the official account of Kryla Nadii Foundation now is 14, 583 UAH for Nikita Khytryi and 12 667, UAH for Bohdanchyk Bazyuk.

From now all detailed bank statements of Kryla Nadii Foundation account you can see here:

Money collected for Nikita Khytryi

Money collected for Bohdanchyk Bazyuk

Summary account report for children with liver disease

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Latest news from the hospital

Sunday, 05.09.2010
Latest news from the hospital

Several recent days we were in tension — doctors said that it is possible  for Bohdanchyk leave hospital for  2 weeks and go home …

But … Recent tests, which we waited for, showed that bilirubin rose to 200 again …

Therefore  Bogdnchyk can’t leave hospital  and go home …
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News from the hospital 28.08.2010

News from the hospital  28.08.2010

Today, talked to Tanya by phone. The last   Bohdanchyk’s blood tests on bilirubin are:

— total bilirubin rose from 134 to 164,

—  direct bilirubin fall from 112 to 109.


At the ultrasound procedure the doctor couldn’t see the gallbladder and bile ducts. The doctors wanted to do sensing. But so far the  5-day course of bile ducts’ electrophoresis was designated. Warming should help to bile outflow. If this would result, then the procedure will be extended for another 5 days.


Tanya feels better already (no temperature, pain is a little less, but still pain in the back).


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News from the hospital 21.08.2010

News from the hospital  21.08.2010

Just came from the hospital.
Bohdanchyk feels himself better. The blood test on bilirubin is better (134 instead of 220 on last Friday).We could see it by baby’s face.

Tanya has enough diapers (5 large whole packs and started two large+ 2 small). But as always we need Frisolak Gold.

Bohdanchyk was sleeping so we talked a bit to Tanya.Then our little red-head cossack waked up.
You will laugh, but the quiff in the photo really curly and red. Tanya smoothed it, unfortunately for the photo… Such a cossack with haircut…
Funny little boy.His weight is rised, cheeks appeared, the eyes points are half whiter already. He sits alone, trying to stand on legs, played with all of us and with children who are in department.


But there are also orphans and abandoned children. There are two boys aged 6 years approx. One of them is in hospital from 2 years age. It is four years already … Tanya said that asked about him and write us his story.

In speaking, children’s laughing we spend time. I made a couple of photo on mobile phone and we leave the hospital. Tomorrow Tanya’s husband will come and stay with her until Monday evening…


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News from the hospital 20.08.2010

News from the hospital  20.08.2010

The latest news from the hospital about Bohdanchyk (Tanya called just now)

After 5-day course of hormone therapy the level of:

—          total bilirubin decreased from 220 to 134,

—          direct from 190 to 112.


The journalists from 1+1 TV channel will get in touch with the Kurilo (Bohdanchyk’s doctor) on Monday -if not they go straight to the head doctor for the explanation.
As to the Ministry of Health commission we have no information by now.

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